For a limited time, we are providing temporary licenses of our cloud-based Vidyo communications platform at no cost to your organization.

Access your Vidyo licenses.

Working with a robust, enterprise-grade video communication platform can offer even the largest organizations the flexibility to continue operating from nearly anywhere for extended periods of time.

With its long history supporting financial, government, health and field service sectors, Vidyo offers a highly scalable and customizable video platform. Ensure your internal workflows remain resilient in the face of possible disruptions, and stay connected with customers to provide virtual face-to-face service.

To get set up on this no-obligation offer, click the link below or visit our trial registration page and one of our reps will be in touch right away.

While we hope the Covid-19 outbreak does not impact your community, we know healthcare systems must be on alert. As you prepare to respond, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about how Vidyo can fit into your contingency planning.

Wishing you resiliency and good health,

Jo Are Aslaksen, Sales Manager
Locus Solutions AS